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15. Direct Mail

Please make sure when contacting these individuals/companies, to identify yourself as a Marketing Mentors Member, or let them know that Adam Urbanski sent you. In many instances, this will open the doors to extra discounts, gifts, or services.



1. Research Tools

Keyword Selector Tool
Gives you a number of how many times people search on any given keyword in the previous month. Great resource and it’s free:
Another great tool for researching keyword’s popularity. And this is one is free too:

Wordtracker Keywords®
Subscription-based and very powerful keyword tool:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
Google's search suggestion tool based on Google's search data:

Want to find out what your clients want to buy? Survey their needs. allows you to quickly deploy web-based survey. The free version allows you a limited number of responses:

Archived Websites
This truly is one of the most ingenious inventions of the online marketing world. If you have a list of online subscribers quickly find out what they want. Don’t have a list? Use the AskDatabase to build one with pay-per-click traffic. There is a monthly fee of $29:
The dummies book collection:

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2. Recording Audio Files

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio
This is the software I personally use (and to my knowledge most of info-product gurus use it as well. If you are serious about creating your own audio product I recommend you choose this option. It has all the features you need to record and edit high-quality digital audio from any source – phone, live conversation or a seminar. Cost - $69.95. Also offers a free trial:

If you are really on a tight budget this is a lower cost option. You can still record and edit your audio files but this tool doesn’t have some of the more advanced but helpful features Sound Forge Studio offers. Cost - $14.95 and offers a free trial:

Another low-cost alternative. Good set of features and only $24.95. Also offers a free trial:
Outsourcing the recording is a great option for recording your tele-seminars if you don’t want to invest in your own equipment. Plus it will save you a lot of stress of trying to learn too many things at once. Brigette and Steve are extremely helpful. They record all my teleseminars:

Great source of royalty free music, best value wav, MP3, aif, downloads and CDs:

Another great royalty-free high quality music library:

Digital Recorders
Great resources to purchase recording equipment:

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3. Transcribing & Editing Help

My favorite place in the world to find cheap help with transcribing, ghost-writing, editing, graphic design, web design and programming. These are all the people who refuse to learn how to market themselves effectively so they sell their services for a “dime on the dollar”. It may be a bit confusing to first open and approve and account with them and then post your first request for bid. But once you get started you’ll see how easy it is to get dozens of people who are eager to do your “dirty work” for you to bid on your projects:

Admin Source™
Susie Ward does most of my transcribing now. She does a great job and really pay attention to doing small editing tweaks as the document is transcribed so you don’t end up with sentences cut off in weird places. She also does a great job on formatting the documents for easy reading. I highly recommend her:

Workaholics 4 Hire
Works similar to Elance, but has more of team approach. You actually get someone to “manage the project” and outsource it to individual freelancers for you:

Model Typing
Your one-stop, virtual assistant transcription source online! Contact Rhonda Pridgeon:
(913) 709-9756

Linda Heibel
Editing, proofreading, internet research and fact checking, designing forms, managing e-zines:
(210) 541-0476

This is a copywriting resource…
100 Greatest Headlines
This selection by Jay Abraham of best headlines ever written is a great resource for ideas:

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4. Creating PDF files (for e-books)

Of course Adobe Acrobat is the best for this, but at $299 it’s not the most affordable way to go when you are just getting started with creating info-products. Here are some less costly options.

You can start by getting a freebie directly from Adobe Acrobat makers. A free trial account lets your create five free PDF files using its online PDF maker at

Macromedia FlashPaper
One of the best options I’ve found for creating PDF documents from anywhere on your computer with a simple click! Cost - $79. Offers a free 30 day trial:
Another great product I used. Simply click “print” and select the PDF Factory as your printer and your document is instantly converted to a PDF file. Cost - $49.95. Offers a free trial download:

The very first software I ever used to convert files to PDF format. It’s a suite of three programs you can use to make and edit PDF files. Fully functioning free version shows a pop-up sponsor ad when used (a small price to pay for a good, simple to use program) or you can upgrade for just $19.95:

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5. Virtual Assistant (VA) Services

Some great resources for admin work:

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6. Getting Graphics Designed (for e-books)

Having a nice “digital cover” designed for your e-book will typically improve your conversion ratios (from visitor to subscriber to buyer.)

You could try software – but frankly I tired a couple and I wasn’t happy with the results. Either the software is too complicated for the average user and takes too much of my time, or it’s simple to use but the graphics are really low quality.

I suggest you outsource this to people who specialize in designing “magnetic” e-book covers.
Has done thousands of covers for pretty much every online guru you can think of:
Will design your header, “membership cards”, CD boxes, website headers and “buy” buttons. Their prices are great:

Graphics By Heather
Heather Kirk has designed a lot of direct-response type catchy covers for ebooks, audio programs, and home study courses for many of the top marketers:

Wild Woman Design, LLC
Karin Wilson is awesome to work with. She designed some direct-response marketing materials for me as well as all my graphics for my ACLC Self-Guided program. She listens to what your needs are and doesn’t have a big ego about making the changes you ask for. Or – as it is in my case – she’s able to zero in on the look I’m after right from the get go. Highly recommended:

Getting cheap royalty-free graphics for your designs – starting as low as $1:

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7. Duplicating Audio CDs and Fulfillment Services

You can always start by creating your own CDs on your own computer. (That’s how I got started!) But as quickly as you can outsource this work to others – believe me, it’s worth the price.

You can look for a local place that duplicates CDs – you’ll likely get good rates and save on shipping costs. Or do a search online and find a place you feel comfortable with.

Or you can use the people I use in my business.
Will duplicate your CDs in small quantities – a great feature when you are getting started and don’t want to produce a thousand copies of your product:

CD Rom 2 Go
Duplication services:
A complete fulfillment place for info-preneurs. Will work with you if you are just starting out and have a low sales volume. You actually have to create your products first and have them shipped to iFulfill – then they will ship it to the end client every time you make a sale:
Want to turn your ebook into actual printed book but without printing a thousand copies? How about one at a time? I haven’t used this resource, but heard a lot about it. One negative comment – the quality may not be as nice as a top-notch high-volume printer:

E-Fulfillment Service
Good but charges a hefty monthly storage fee:

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8. Selling Products Online
One of the easiest ways to start accepting payments online – automatically – without actually having your own merchant account. You end up paying a bit higher fees for each transaction – but there are no monthly fees to worry about. Which means it doesn’t cost you anything if you are not making any sales:
Another good way to start selling digital products online it to list them with ClickBank. They will facilitate the entire sales process. And an added perk is that some of the existing ClickBank affiliates might actually pick your product to promote it (but don’t “bank” on it.):
This is the shopping cart I’m using in my business. I love it. It allows me to have all the products I want, unlimited autoresponders to follow-up with prospects and clients. It also automates my ezine list management and broadcasts. Price varies from $29 to $79 a month depending on what option you choose. I use their top of the line version because it also manages my affiliate program:

When you are ready to open you own merchant account check out this company – it’s who I’m using as my processing company for credit card charges. There are certain things to watch out for with setting up your credit card system, and this company specializes in online/information marketers. You may want to contact Jud Smith:
(877) 877-3737 x1110 or (207) 415-4789 (his cell phone)

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9. Adding video to your website

Video Add On
Helps you add streaming video to the Internet tools. When you can address your audience by using streaming video you can fully capture their attention as if you were speaking to them in person. Video has revolutionized the way we communicate by the introduction of video blogs (vlogs), video emails, video galleries, video conferencing and interactive video websites:

Instant Video Generator
Add Streaming Video To Your Website Without Expensive Equipment Or Technical Know-How:

FLV Producer
A nifty tool developed by Tracy Childers that allows to you transform your windows media movie files into a format that will play online that you can easily incorporate into your websites:

Internet Audio Guy
Mike Stewart is the Internet audio and video guy. If you are looking for a whole package and someone to really guide you through the technology used to record high-quality teleseminar audio, record your own events, and create online video – Mike is your man:

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10. Printing


Automated Greeting Cards:

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11. Web Design and FTP tools

Offers a free ftp program:

Visicom Media
Offers a freeware ftp program and HTML editor:

The Microsoft Office Web site creation and management program:

Hosting for Coaching
Contact Lisa Hayes:


Pop-up Generators
Check two places for tools to increase opt-in conversion

Web Statistics tools

Hosting Companies

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12. Teleseminar Resources



Bridge lines:

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13. Other “nice to have” tools

Camtasia Screen Capturing Software
A great tool for creating tutorial flash videos. If you want to teach clients how to perform a specific task on a computer, and put it on a CD or stream it from the website this is the right tool for the job. Cost - $299. Offers a 30-day free trial:

SnagIt Screen Capturing Tool
Have you ever wondered how people display online images of their software or online tools they use, or snap-shots of their bank accounts? Well, they “take a photo” of what’s on their computer screen with SnagIt and turn into a graphic – with just a few clicks – super easy! Only $39.95 and also offers a 30-day free trial. This is a must have tool:
I use this all the time to stream audio on the web. Super easy to record new messages over the phone, easily capture testimonials from clients. Being a cheapskate I didn’t want to pay their $29 a month subscription fee so I initially purchased another tool – it was a $100 flat fee. What a mistake – it was complicated to use (and I’m pretty techno-savvy). It was too confusing for any of my clients to use on their own. AudioGenerator is really “idiot-proof” – all you do is record your message and have your web person copy and past a snippet of code to your website – that’s it:

E-zine tutorial:

AWeber Communications
Help with web traffic conversion:

Voice Broadcasting Websites

There are two places that I feel good recommending to you for voice broadcasting:

The company I'm using right now is Automatic Response Technologies. You can contact Jeff Troyer at 888-408-4222 ext.9009 and he will answer all your questions and help you set up your account. You can see their website at

Another company I used in the past for several clients and I liked them a lot is Automated Marketing Solutions, located on the Web at The person who was helping me out was Jennifer Sanford at 800-858-8889; Extension 136. 's been a while so I'm not sure if she's still there - but you can try.

Voice Shot
Offers Web based voice broadcasting, virtual office phone system, virtual receptionist and enhanced toll free services as well as XML voice alert and notification services:

Lyris Content Checker
Lyris can help you combat "false positives" by checking your message for red flags before you send it.


Count down timers:

Shrinking files for online transfers:

Mind Mapping:

RSS Feed Reader:


Info Product Tools

Windows Media Player
You can use MS-Windows Media Player to burn your audio CDs – it doesn’t give you any whistles and bells – but it’s free:

Product Packaging Resources

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14. Tools for MAC Users

Note: Since I don’t own a MAC computer I can’t say how good these tools really are. Please do you own homework before you download or buy them.

Converts documents from most programs into PDF files. It appears to be a good option for the $20 investment:

Free, open source software for recording and editing sounds:

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15. Direct Mail

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